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Hotels of Rajasthan

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Accomodation rajasthan
Accommodation Rajasthan

Accomodation rajasthan Rajasthan the colorful state famous for hospitality, fosters the tradition of Atithi Deo Bhav. The people revere guests as God and offer them their best. Rajasthan is also a land rich in culture tradition and history.  The Rajput rulers of Rajputana (Rajasthan) built magnificent palaces – large, lavish buildings that featured the best architectural motifs of Indian, Mughal and British architecture. They contained large ballrooms, separate women’s quarters, and vast numbers of rooms for housing royal families and their retinues.
 They were invariably set in huge, landscaped gardens. Some features truly inspired architecture; others, no less impressive, attempted to duplicate famous palaces in Britain. And there were palaces for every reason – for different seasons of the year, some in the same city; for favorite queens, or for the heir apparent; or sometimes modestly called hunting lodges ! These same palaces stand witness to times past. Some have been converted into museums, and those times are evocatively portrayed here, in all their princely splendor. Others are now hotels, where the luxurious lifestyle of the Maharajas, Rajas & Thakurs – for it is available to you too! All over Rajasthan, you can sample the glorious of yesterday in the palace hotels of your choosing.




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Hotels of Rajasthan

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