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India Travel >>Travel to Goa >>Bonderam Festival, Goa

Bonderam Festival, Goa

Bonderam Festival goaThe feast of Bonderam is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of August every year at Divar Island, 12-km from Panjim.
On this day, the quiant land of Divar, away from the hustle and bustle of Panjim, is agog with excitement. Melodious music drift from the village to mainland Old Goa - once the hub of Portuguese Goa - even before the crack of dawn on the Saturday. At noon people begin trickling into the village. By the evening the trickle is a deluge. An expectant crowd assembles along either side of the main through fare of the village. The tempo is set by lands and lasses wielding "fotashes" engaging themselves in mock battles. The gaily coloured floats accompanied by colourfully dressed youngsters make a pretty picture.
Feast Of Three Kings ,Goa
Feast Of Three Kings goaIt is on the Festa dos Reis or the Epiphany on January 6 that the isolated Hill of Remedios and chapel suddenly spring to life and activity. After staying almost whole year in isolation, just nine days before the Feast of the Novena starts, the hill revives and resounds to human voices and feet. Come early dawn, kettledrums and the blare of trumpets, announce to the sleepy little neighboring villages that the day of rejoicing and festivity has arrived.

The tolling bells call the faithful to prayer and devotees visit the shrine in a non-stop stream. There's now an excellent road winding its way up the steep hill right to the door of the chapel, making the ascent possible by car. Still, most of the devotees prefer to climb up hill. Even the very old and infirm make their way up for nine consecutive days to hear Mass and recite the Rosary before the Lady of the Blue Mantle. Many come to offer their thanks for fulfilling their wishes. The devotees are always lead by a drummer-boy with his kettledrum who, by the loud beat of his drum, announces of another favor having being granted by the Lady of Remedios.
Carnival Tour Goa
Goa CarnivalCarnival in Goa is a non-stop 3-day festival of color, song and music, providing a healthy entertainment for all, young and old. The soothing climate, full of fun- 'n' -frolic, which the Carnival generates, is much longed for. It does not matter whether one enjoys or see others enjoying. There is enthusiasm and happiness all around.

The Goa Carnival is an integral part of the Portuguese heritage of the state, which was a dominion of Portugal till 1961. The carnival epitomizes the fun-loving culture that is characteristic of Goa. It was introduced by the erstwhile rulers as a rowdy celebration in which flour, eggs, oranges, lemons, mud, sand-filled gloves along with dirty water, various liquids and glue were aimed at passersby. Used pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils were also thrown out of windows. Perhaps this was done to discard the old and the dirty before the Lenten fast.

Fierce battles were waged in the streets, with plaster-of-Paris eggs, wax lemons, corncobs and beans. Blows were dealt out liberally, with brooms and wooden spoons. It was also an occasion for unchecked eating. People gorged on rich food at lavish feasts, and convents distributed cakes and pastries. Though celebrated for only three days, the preparations for the festival would take many days, and build up to a frenetic pitch by the eve of the carnival. The carnival in Goa still retains the core of the original. A King of Chaos is elected, called King "Momo". He presides over the three-day festivities, which attract visitors from all over India and abroad.
Sao Joao Festival in Goa
Sao Joao Festival in Goa Sao Joao is the feast of St. John the Baptist observed all over Goa on 24th June. Newly wed sons-in-law celebrate at their mothers-in-law's house. On this occasion the mother presents the daughter a basket full of fruits like jackfruits, mangoes, pineapples, etc. to be taken home.

A procession of village youth wearing crowns of leaves, carrying bottles of Feni advances through the village, ultimately arriving at a well of pond into which they jump along with the sons-in-law.

Shigmoutsav in Goa
Shigmo in Goa is esentially a festival of the masses. Though it is celebrated under different names and in different ways in various parts of the country.

It is the festival of farewell to winter celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Phalguna (March), the last month of the Hindu calendar.
In Goa, which has always been land of temples, Shigmo begins with Naman or collective obeisance of villagers from 9th moon day to full-moon day. During all these days, they are to 'Shun' non-vegetarian food and all intoxicants.

A spectacular display of Goan Hindu ethnicity and mythology was on show as the annual Shigmo parade held centerstage on Panjim's 18th June Road on 21st March 2000. Attired in traditional costumes, 13 folk groups consisting of women dancers gave vibrant performances of various "Divli" dances. These were interspersed by 3 Romtamell groups that moved along the route in their traditional Goan drums. The grand finale was provided by nine artistically designed and it up the floats.


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