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India Travel >>Travel to Goa >>Sri Saptakoteeswara Temple, Goa

Sri Saptakoteeswara Temple, Goa

Saptakoteeswara TempleAs one tries to return to Panaji from Harvalem, one can visit the famous temple of Sri Saptakoteshwar Naroa, Bicholim. Sri Saptakoteshwara was the patron deity of the Kadambas who had built a beautiful temple dedicated to this deity at the Diwar Island.

The invading foreign rulers destroyed the temple and built a chapel dedicated to Candelaria in 1641 AD. The image of Sri Saptakoteshwara was shifted to Naroa by the devotees then. It was Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who ordered renovation of the temple in 1668.

Despite their external grandeur and magnificence being tested by the vagaries of time; their spiritual effulgence is still illumining the paths of the earnest seekers. The Shiva temples built at Tambdisurla and Naven-Bicholim are testifying to the rulers' devotional zeal and their care for public zeal.
Sri Ananta Temple, Goa
Ananta TempleThis is one of the famous temples situated in Ponda Taluka at Sovoi Verem a few km from Marcela. This is the only temple of Ananata in Goa. It is surrounded on all sides by water and beautiful scenery. Besides the main deity Anant Sheshashayi, the complex also has Shantadurga, Kamini, Narayan and Grampurush temples.

The idol of Ananta is carved in black stone. Though the structure of the temple is small it is quite inviting. The pillar decoration is very minute and full of intricate designs. The brass stand on the lamp the special illumination stands or "Deepmala" are sacred objects of worship.
Sri Bhagavati And Sri Sapteshwar Temples
Sri Sapteshwar Temple
Not far from Morjim are two temples namely, Bhagavati and Parshem and Sapteshwar Bhagamati at Mandrem in Pernem Taluka.

The principal festival observed are the 7 days "Bhajanisaptah" at Mandrem, which is celebrated in Kartika. The Zatra, Dussehra and "Shimgo" are other festivals, which are attended by large crowds. Surrounding the main temples can be seen some exquisitely sculptured ancillary deities.
Sri Chandreshwar Temple

On way back from Zambaulim one can take a slight diversion at Paroda to proceed to the Chandranath hill and climb the huge granite steps to reach to the temple of Sri Chandreshwar.The South Goa Bhojas worshipped the deity years before the Christian era till the middle of the 8th century AD.

The temple has the famous Shiva Linga, which was supposed to ooze water with the touch of moonlight.

The temple atop the hill has been designed in such a way, that moonlight directly falls on the Shiva Linga on the full moon night. One can have a birds' eye view of a long ending green valley of Salcete and Quepem Taluka from the Chandranath hill.


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