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Jain Temple Tour
Rishabhdevji Temple, Dhulev

Rishabhdevji TempleThe Rishanhdevji temple is situated in Dhulev, 64 kms from Udaipur. This temple, on the bank of the Koyal river, holds a special significance for people of that area. Elephants made of black stone welcome pilgrims as they enter the temple. On the north is the image of Goddess Chakreshvari and on the southern side, there is an image of goddess Padmavati. The Rishabhdevji temple dates back to the 15th century.  Cloisters on the side house small images of tirthankaras. Passing the stairs, one comes to the Navchauki. The idol of Lord Rishabdev is 35 feet high and is placed on a 1.25 feet high stone and is the centre, there are two bulls around an image of the goddess, in addition to statues of elephants and lions. Also depicted beautifully are the sixteen dreams of Lord Rishabdev's mother.

Navgrah composed of nine images, the holy throne (singhasana) and the golden door are also attractive, as are the high spired domes, and the spirals of the temple. The rites and rituals in this temple consist of shuddhi in which water and milk is used. To make the atmosphere clean, pure and fit for devotion, the area is incensed with fragrance. The images are decorated and devotional hymns (bhajans) are sung and religious assemnblies are held regularly. The image is called by several names.

The bhils call this black stone image by the name of Kalaji. The image also called 'Dhulevdhani' because of its location at Dhulev. A lot of saffron is presented here as offering to the Lord and thus the name 'Kesariaji'. Close to Rishabhdevji are many more places of interest - Pagyaji, Chandragiri, Bhim Pagalya, Bhattarak, Kirti Bhavan and the Peepli temple. Every year a Rath - Yatra and fair is organised.

Parshvanath Temple, Nakoda
Parshvanath Temple
 Situated in a valley ringed by hills, on the Jodhpur Barmer highway, the temple dedicated to the tirthankare Parsvanath is carved in black stone. Beside it are other Jain tem-ples including Shantinath with its steep flight of stairs, as well as some ancient Hindu Temples.On the road from Jodhpur to Barmer, the Nakoda Parshvanath temple is situated in a valley surrounded by hills as high as 1,500 feet. Among the statues here, there is an image of the Jain saint (tirthankara) Parshvanath in black stone. Beside this, there is another temple with high leading steps called the Shantinath temple. Thousands of pilgrims and tourists come here with devotion and admire the brilliant work of architecture.

The temple of Pundarik Swami dates back to the 16th century while the Charbhuja temple and the Shiva temple had been 500-600 years ago.



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