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Pushkar Vacations Tour India

Pushkar LakeInnovative Destinations, Travel Agent in Pushkar who help you to make your Travel in Jaipur Luxurious. The Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan in North India is an exotic celebration of the colors of life. Come to Pushkar for Vacations In Pushkar and see the largest camel Pushkar fair in the world. Watch folk dancers dressed in colorful costumes dance to the rhythm of a desert melody and see a beauty contest with a difference - for the contestants are all camels! Travels in Pushkar is full of surprises, so prepare to be amazed by the color and energy of the desert carnival at Pushkar Vacations. You can enjoy Pushka tours to fascinating Pushkar with India Profile

How to reach for Vacations in Pushkar?-
Pushkar is 13 Km from the town of Ajmer in Rajasthan. Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan is 140 Km away and is the nearest airport and railway station. Delhi, the capital of India is 390 Km away and is the nearest airport. Pushkar can be accessed by road from all of these towns and also on camel back if you'd like to arrive in Pushkar in traditional Rajasthani style.
Attractions in Pushkar? :-
Vacations in Pushkar is a pilgrimage site in the North Indian state of Rajasthan. For most of the year Tour in Pushkar is a tranquil town with a calm and relaxing ambience. If its tranquility you're looking for, you will find serenity amidst the sand dunes of Pushkar, on a Pushkar Tours for most of the year.

Vacations in Pushkar gets into a carnival mood during the Pushkar Fair or Pushkar Mela. Traditionally a camel trading event, the Pushkar Mela has grown to become an international tourist attraction. Held every year during the holy occasion of Karthik Purnima, or full moon night in November, the Pushkar Mela is a vibrant kaleidoscope of images and colors. A city of tents springs up near the fair venue as Rajasthan Tourism and tour operators of Rajasthan bring international visitors to see this exotic cultural event that showcases the heritage of Rajasthan. See Pushkar at its vibrant best on a Pushkar Tour, during the Pushkar Mela.

You can see hundreds of camels patiently resting on the sand dunes, as their owners bargain over their prices. There are also many cultural events held during the Pushkar Fair. The camel Beauty Pageant features camels that are elaborately decorated with ornamental saddles and back cloths decorated with mirrors, cowrie shells and colorful embroidery. Tug of war contests between people and camels, camel dancing events, and 'Laado Oonth' where as many people as possible try to ride a camel are part of the fun and games at the Pushkar desert festival in Rajasthan, India.

There are also performances by folk musicians and dancers at the Pushkar Fair. You can see the vibrant cultural heritage of Rajasthan on display at the Pushkar Mela. Traditional textiles and handicrafts are also on display. You can shop for silver jewellery and colorful Rajasthani clothes decorated with embroidery and mirror work, at the stalls in the Pushkar Mela.

Pushkar Pilgrimage
 One of the most sacred sites for the Hindus, Pushkar is a very ancient place. The antiquity of the place can be gauged from the fact that circumstances leading to its origin have been extensively dealt with in the ancient scripture of the Padma (Lotus) Purana. According to the text, Pushkar came into being, when Lord Brahma, Creator in the Hindu Trinity, dropped petals of lotus flower (pushpa) to earth from his hand (kar) to kill a demon. This resulted in the formation of three lakes in the desert land. The largest of these lakes is today revered as one of India's most sacred sites and bounded by temples and bathing ghats.
Though Pushkar attracts devotes all round the year, it is during the five-day Kartik Purnima festival which witnesses a seething sea of humanity pouring out into the streets of this sacred town. Devotees take a dip in the redemptory waters of the lake and worship at the Brahma Temple. It is interesting to know that the shrine is the only one in the world dedicated to Brahma who otherwise occupies a very important place in the Hindu pantheon of gods.
A pilgrimage to the holy town of Pushkar with India Profile is an unforgettable experience. The place abounds with many temples, which are must-visits for any devout Hindu. Apart from the Brahma Temple, other shrines of importance are Savitri Temple, Rangji Temple, Warah Temple and Apteshwar Temple. Thanks to the extreme sacredness of the place, it is advisable for those who travel to Pushkar, to respect the town’s holy status and not to eat meat or consume alcohol. In fact it is an earnest desire for every pious Hindu to make a Pushkar pilgrimage.

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