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Camel Safari Tour Rajasthan

Camel safari in Rajasthan Jaisalmer invites you to feel the adventure of a Camel Safari Tour, which takes you through the golden sands of the vast Thar desert. The camel, popularly known as the ship of the desert, is not only common in the Thar desert, but also the only means of transportation in remote areas.
Ride through sandy tracks, passing through remote villages. Pitch your tent at a new place each night. Spend the evenings next to the campfire and dance to the folk music.
The safari is organised to take one through the golden sands of the vast Thar desert and untamed countryside, enabling one to experience the days gone by when time drifted at a leisurely pace. The rolling landscape of the sand & shrub covered area is breathtakingly beautiful and the range of flora and fauna surprisingly large for a desert area.

Desert Camel SafariThe camel Drovers know every pasture, waterhole and village of the region. One can ride or walk along leisurely with the safari and enjoy the desertscape. The camel-carts are fully equipped and tourists need not bother about comfort in the desert.
The most interesting means of exploring the desert around Jaisalmer is on a camel safari. October to February is the best time for a safari. The realistic minimum price for a basic safari is Rs. 150 to Rs. 200 per person per day. For this you can expect a breakfast of porridge, tea and toast, and lunch and dinner of rice, dhal and chapaties –pretty unexciting stuff.
Usual circuit takes in such places as Amar Sagar, Lodruva, Mool Sagar, Bada Bagh and Sam, as well as various abandoned villages along the way. The reins are fastened to the camel’s nose peg, so the animals are easily steered. At resting points, the camels are completely unsaddled and hobbled.

It’s great way to see the desert, which is surprisingly well populated and sprinkled with ruins. You constantly come across tiny fields of millet, girls picking berries or boys herding flocks of sheep or goats. The latter are always fitted with tinkling neck bells and, in the desert silence, it’s music to the ears. Camping out at night in the Sam sand dunes, huddling around a tiny fire beneath the stars and listening to the camel drivers yarns can be quite romantic.

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