City Palace, Jaipur
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City Palace, Jaipur

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From: "Lanning E. Moldauer" - USA
Subject: Re: Trip to India

I found Mr. Sanjay Singh him on the web once we were already in India and had been quoted a car hire price that, by then, we knew to be extravagant by their standards. It irked me, so I contacted Sanjay Singh.

He provided transportation and guides as required, virtually immediately, having responded to a Saturday night email with a call within an hour. He set something up for us for the next day - everything worked and the driver we hired for the longest period, someone named Himanghu, via Singh, was someone all 4 of us came to trust and respect and like enormously.

Sanjay's English is far better than that of many persons in his industry there. He made additional suggestions that earned him nothing but added to our travels. Finally, what has cemented him into the hallowed sphere for us was a last minute rescue operation, after we'd been done out of a flight and stuck at the last minute in the Delhi Airport at 1:30 a.m. with no flight and no hotel. He cheerfully took my call and within a half hour had found a perfectly appropriate, really lovely hotel to tide us over - in DC or New York that would be easy - by that time, having traveled in India for over 2 weeks, I had visions of finding my wife and myself a spot in the corner of the airport floor. His person in Delhi had us call him when we arrived at the hotel, at 3:30 a.m., was professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and ended up not earning a cent for the time he put in with us.

I don't know where you'll be but if you can get this particular driver, he was the best we had anywhere - being chauffeured around is necessary in India, cheap - I'm at home driving through Manhattan, and the Italians honk at me for being overly aggressive - in India I want a driver- the best guides were in Udaipur and Agra and you might tell SS that you want one who won't "over-talk." It's a tendency to have them provide too much constant information. We rarely take guides anywhere but in India they're about $13-$15 for whatever part of the day you use them and, if good, add tremendously to the value of what you see and learn -

Anyhow, all 4 of us would recommend Sanjay Singh and his associates to anyone - no one's perfect but he was very, very good, honest, knowledgeable, and it's great to have someone who will respond in a crisis when you're in a very foreign place.

Have a terrific time - it's an amazing country -

Lanny Moldauer

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