City Palace, Jaipur
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City Palace, Jaipur

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From: "didj beat" - Hong Kong
Subject: RE: A trip to India

yes i used this agent last november for a 3 week trip through india and was very satisfied with the service. Sanjay did what he could to accomodate my wishes. i also found him on the internet and asked him for references too. he only requested an initial deposit then later on i had to pay most of the trip when he was booking the confirmations with hotels and flights. the last tranche i paid when i was in his office in jaipur i think it was.

where i could i stayed with the taj hotel. they have some real gems but some are also average. depends where you are. but that is about the best choice you can make. in india you don't wanta stay in low budget hotels unless you are very adventurous. i would book a toyota. you can tell him the one i had. if you don't specify they give you according to their choice. cars were always clean but i preferred the toyota van. price difference is not big.

i can anyhow recommend this service. should you need more infos i'll be glad to provide.


Hong Kong

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