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The ultimate monument of love that captures the cosmic and universal charisma of adoration. Behold the resplendence of The Taj Mahal (Crown Palace) which is India's most famous structure. More Taj Mahal Tours

Taj Mahal Tour
Taj Mahal Travels

The ultimate monument of love that captures the cosmic and universal charisma of adoration. Behold the resplendence of The Taj Mahal (Crown Palace) which is India's most famous structure. Agra Taj Mahal Travels

Taj Mahal Travels


Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal Agra, Taj Mahal India
Taj Mahal Travel in Agra, The capital of the Mughal Empire Shah Jahan during the 16th and early 18th centuries. Taj Mahal  World famous Heritage Monument Taj Mahal in Agar is one and a half hours by express train from New Delhi.Taj Mahal Tour means "Crown Palace" and is in fact the most well preserved and architecturally beautiful tomb in the world. Taj Mahal in India stands on the bank of River Yamuna, which otherwise serves as a wide moat defending the Great Red Fort of Agra, the center of the Mughal emperors until they moved their capital to Delhi in 1637. Taj Mahal india was built by the fifth Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan in 1631 in memory of his second wife, Mumtaz Mahal, a Muslim Persian princess. She died while accompanying her husband in Burhanpur in a campaign to crush a rebellion after giving birth to their 14th child. The death so crushed the emperor that all his hair and beard were said to have grown snow white in a few months.

Taj Mahal in Agra

When Mumtaz Mahal was still alive, she extracted four promises from the emperor: first, that he build the Taj Mahal in India; second, that he should marry again; third, that he be kind to their children; and fourth, that he visit the tomb on her death anniversary. He kept the first and second promises. Construction of Taj Mahal began in 1631 and was completed in 22 years. in construction of Taj Mahal twenty thousand people were deployed to work on Taj Mahal. The material for Taj Mahal was brought in from all over India and central Asia and it took a fleet of 1000 elephants to transport it to the site. Taj Mahal was designed by the Iranian architect Ustad Isa and Taj Mahal is best appreciated when the architecture and its adornments are linked to the passion that inspired it. Taj Mahal is a "symbol of eternal love".
As a tribute to a beautiful woman and as a monument for enduring love, the Taj Mahal reveals its subtleties when one visits it without being in a hurry. The rectangular base of Taj Mahal is in itself symbolic of the different sides from which to view a beautiful woman. The main gate of Taj Mahal is like a veil to a woman’s face which should be lifted delicately, gently and without haste on the wedding night. In indian tradition the veil is lifted gently to reveal the beauty of the bride. As one stands inside the main gate of Taj Mahal, his eyes are directed to an arch which frames the Taj Mahal ndia.

The dome of Taj Mahal made of white marble, but the tomb is set against the plain across the river and it is this background that works its magic of colours that, through their reflection, change the view of the Taj Mahal. The colours change at different hours of the day and during different seasons. Like a jewel, the Taj Mahal sparkles in moonlight when the semi-precious stones inlaid into the white marble on the main mausoleum catch the glow of the moon. The Taj Mahal is pinkish in the morning, milky white in the evening and golden when the moon shines. These changes, they say, depict the different moods of woman.

Different people have different views of the Taj Mahal Tours but it would be enough to say that the Taj Mahal Travel has a life of its own that leaps out of marble, provided you understand that it is a monument of love. As an architectural masterpiece, nothing could be added or substracted from it.

Taj Mahal Tour, the Epitomize of love. Holiday to Taj Mahal will explore you the legacy of the world. Taj Mahal Tourism  in India, get well-packaged tours and Golden Triangle Holiday Packages , and get to know the real cultural heritage of India with the Taj Mahal.

  Welcome to the city of the Taj Mahal, Agra. Located about 204 km south of Delhi in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Agra is one of the most favoured tourist destinations in India. Tourists planning to travel to Agra can reach the city of the Taj by Air, Rail and Road in comfort.


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