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The ultimate monument of love that captures the cosmic and universal charisma of adoration. Behold the resplendence of The Taj Mahal (Crown Palace) which is India's most famous structure. Tajmahal Tours,Agra Taj Mahal Tours,Tajmahal Tours in Agra


The ultimate monument of love that captures the cosmic and universal charisma of adoration. Behold the resplendence of The Taj Mahal (Crown Palace) which is India's most famous structure. Tajmahal Tours,Agra Taj Mahal Tours,Tajmahal Tours in Agra


Fair & Festival Uttar Pradesh

Varanasi Ghat IndiaHoli heralds the beginning of spring and is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over India. According to a legend, Hiranya Kashyap, the demon who ruled over 'Sapta Deep' believed himself to be more powerful than God. He contemplated killing his youngest son Prahlad, an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu after he refused to worship him as God.

Holika, the demon's sister who possessed a divine, garment to protect her from fire, agreed to enter the burning pyre with Prahlad in her lap but got burnt herself.

Holi thus signifies the triumph of good over evil and is marked by grand festivities all over India and particularly in the Braj area where it is celebrated with great gaiety and fervour.

It is believed that Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, in human form played holi with the Gopi's (cowherd maids) in the ancient past. Keeping this tradition alive in Braj, Holi celebrations last for more than a week and are marked by people sprinkling colored water & smearing colored powder on each other.

The playful teasing of the Gopis by the Gopas (cowherd boys) is enacted by groups of men and women through special Holi songs and dances, called Rasiya.

Barsana Holi
48 km. from Mathura at Barsana, is celebrated the famous "Latthmaar Holi" of Braj. Tradition has it that Krishna from Nandgaon use to come to Barsana to play Holi with Radha alongwith his Gopi friends. The Gopis after merriment chased away the Gopas of Nandgaon by beating them with "lathis". So it came to be known as the 'Latthmar Holi' of Barsana.

To this day, the village women have the freedom to literally take up cudgels against their menfolk, a right they exercise with all enthusiasm and shower colored water as an expression of joy.

The main celebrations at Barsana, take place at the Ladliji temple, dedicated to Sri Radha Rani, (the beloved of Sri Krishna).

Dadjee Ka Huranga (Baldeo)
20 km. from Mathura, the town is named after Balram the elder brother of Sri Krishna. A temple dedicated to Baldeo stands in the centre of the town.

The Holi festival celebrated here is famous as Daujee Ka Huranga. Men & women collect here in large numbers to play holi.

Kampil Fair, Kampil
Kampilya called Kampil today, is a village in tehsil Kasganj of Etah district, situated on the banks of the Ganga. During the epic period it was the capital of King Drupad, the father of the Queen Draupadi, wife of the five Pandava's of Mahabharat. It was the birth place of the 13th tirthaiikar Brahlan Vimal Nath and was graced by the visit of Lord Mahavir. The neighboring ruins and mounds contain the relics and sculptures of Jain period. Every year a Jain Mela is held for five days in the month of March thronged by Jain devouts.

Bateshwar Fair, Agra
Situated at a distance of 70 km. from Agra on the banks of river Yamuna, Bateshwar is an important spiritual and cultural centre.

The place is named after the presiding deity of the region, Bateshwar Mahadeo and has 108 temples dedicated to the gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheon. During the months of Oct. & Nov. a large fair is organized from Shashthi of Kartik month to Panchami of Agrahayan month. Devotees congregate here in large numbers to worship Lord Shiva and take holy dips in river Yamuna. A livestock fair is also organized and owners and buyers conduct serious business combined with the gaiety of a market place.

Kailash Fair, Agra
Held at Kailash. 12 km. from Agra during the months of Aug.-Sept. It is a major fair celebrated in honor of Lord Shiva who is believed to have appeared here in the form of a stone lingam.

Rambarat, Agra
The marriage procession of Sri Ram, is held every year during Ramlila celebrations at Agra.

Every year a new locale of the town is chosen as Janakpuri, which is elaborately decorated to perform the royal wedding. The Rambarat (marriage procession) starts from Lala Channomaiji Id Baradari for Janakpuri passing through different parts of the town. The barat is a large procession of Jhankis followed by the swaroops of Ram-Lakshman mounted on elephants.



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