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The ultimate monument of love that captures the cosmic and universal charisma of adoration. Behold the resplendence of The Taj Mahal (Crown Palace) which is India's most famous structure. Tajmahal Tours,Agra Taj Mahal Tours,Tajmahal Tours in Agra


The ultimate monument of love that captures the cosmic and universal charisma of adoration. Behold the resplendence of The Taj Mahal (Crown Palace) which is India's most famous structure. Tajmahal Tours,Agra Taj Mahal Tours,Tajmahal Tours in Agra


Pilgrimage Places Uttar Pradesh

Pilgrim Places Allahabad

Patalpuri Temple
 The underground temple, inside the fort, with the Akshayavat or immortal tree is said to have been visited by Lord Rama.
Hanuman Temple
The Hanuman temple also near the Sangam, houses the largest unique reclining image of Lord Hanuman. It is believed that the river rises during the annual floods to touch the feet of the image before receding back.
Beni Madhav Temple
 An old Lakshmi Narain Temple in Daraganj locality, where Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is believed to have paid his homage.
Pilgrim Places Ayodhya

Nageshwarnath Temple
Nageshwarnath is considered to be the presiding deity of Ayodhya. The temple of Nageshwarnath is said to have been established by Kush, the son of Lord Rama. Legend has it that kush lost his armlet while bathing in the river Saryu, which was picked up by a Nag-Kanya, who fell in love with him. As she was a devotee lf Lord Shiva, Kush erected this temple for her. It is said that this has been the only temple to have survived till the time of king vikramadiya, the rest of city had fallen into ruins and was covered by dense forests. It was by means of this temple that king vikmaditya was able to locate Ayodhya and the sites and different shrines here. The festival of shivratra is celebrated here with great pomp and splendour. The present temple built during the reign of sufdarjung by hindu minister Naval Rai around 1750.
Kanak Bhawan
Kanak Bhawan is one of the finist temple in Ayodhya. It was built by queen of tikamgarh, virshbhanu kuvari in 1891. the main temple is built around an opened inner court in which stands a small shrine of Rampada . the main idols installed inside the garbhagriha are of Devi Sit & Lord Rama . the sanctrum is well decorated .

Hanuman Garhi
Hanuman Garhi is one of the most important temples of Ayodhya. Situated in the center of the town, the temple is approachable by a flight of 76 steps. Legend has it that lord hunman lived here in a cave and guarded the ramkot. The present temple was built in the middle of 10th century, in shape of a four sided ford with circular bastions at each corner. The temple houses an image of lord hunman.

Pilgrim Places Mathura

Dwarkadheesh Temple
 The Dwarkadish Temple, built in 1814, is a popular temple in the center of town. It is the main temple of the town, during the festive days of Holi, janmashtami and Diwali. Situated on the city outskirts, the temple carving and paintings are major attraction. This is the most visited temple in Mathura. This temple is managed by followers of Vallabhacarya. Once you enter this temple from the street, it is fairly interesting architechually and there is a lot of activity inside. It is located in the eastern part of Mathura, not far from the Yamuna River.

Shiva Temple
Siva is the eternal guardian of the Braja Mandala area. Because he is the guardian one is supposed to ask his permission to be able to successfully circumambulate Braja Mandala. He is the greatest Vaishnava. There are four important Siva temples that surround Mathura. There are four Siva-lingas that protect the four sides of Mathura, which are called the dik-pala (protectors) of Mathura. They are Gokarnesvara Mahadeva in the north, Pippalesvara Mahadeva in the east, Rangesvara Mahadeva in the south, and Bhutesvara Mahadeva in the west.

Radharamana Temple
This is the famous temple of Gopala Bhatta Gosvami and is one of the many names of Lord Krishna. The seva puja of Radharamana was established in 1542, after the Deity self-manifested from a shaligram-shila. There is no deity of Radharani in this temple, but a crown is kept next to Krishna signifying Her presence

Rangaji Temple
This South Indian style temple was built by the wealthy Seth family of Mathura in the year 1851, and is dedicated to Lord Sri Ranganatha or Rangaji. This temple has a traditional South Indian gopuram (gateway) and is surrounded by high walls. It is one of Vrindavan's largest temples. Once a year a grand ratha festival (Ratha Yatra) is held known as Brahmotsava, during the month of Chait (March - April), this festival lasts for 10 days.

Jugal Kishore Temple
This is one of the oldest temple of Vrindavana and was completed in 1627. After Emperor Akbar's visit to Vridavana in the year 1570, he gave permission for four temples to be built by the Gaudya Vaisnavas, which were Madana-mohana, Govindaji, Gopinatha and Jugal Kisore. It is also called the Kesi ghata temple, as it is located next to this ghata.
Pilgrim Places Varanasi

The Kashi Vishwanath Temple
 Also known as the Golden temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Varanasi is said to be the sight of the first Shivlinga. The original temple was destroyed by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and the present temple was rebuilt in 1776 A.D. by Rani Ahilyabai Holkar of Indore and dedicated to Lord Shiva.The Temple is open only for Hindus . Varanasi is believed to be the point at which the first jyotirlinga, the fiery pillar of light by which shiva manifested has supremacy over others gods, broke through the Earth’s crust and flared towards the heavens.
Bharat Mata Temple
A novel temple dedicated to Mother India, which, instead of the customary gods and goddesses, houses one of the most perfect relief maps of India carved out of marble. The temple was gifted by the nationalists Babu Shiv Prasad Gupta and Shri Durga Prasad Khatri, leading numismatists and antiquarians. Starting with five at the base, they converge into one at the top, symbolizing that this world of five elements has ultimately to merge with the Supreme (The Brahma). This is a must place top visit in Varanasi.

Tulsi Manas Temple
Constructed in 1964 by a philanthropist family of Varanasim this temple is dedicated to Lord Ram. The temple is situated at the place where the great seer of the medieval ages, Goswami Tulsidas lived and composed the epic poem ' Ramcharitmanas' expounding the history and deeds of Lord Ram.

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